• Eve Golden Woods

    Illustration and Comics

  • Eve Golden-Woods is a freelance writer and illustrator living in Dublin, who works primarily on games and comics. You can find me all over the internet, on Twitter at @evegoldenwoods and on tumblr at evegoldenwoods.tumblr.com. You can find my short comic Winter on Smackjeeves http://wintercomic.smackjeeves.com/comics/2607798/winter-00/

  • Illustrations

    Vasilisa the Beautiful

    The Spirit of Loneliness - Inktober 2018

    The Snow Queen

    The Vampyr

    The Holly King and the Seed of Summer

    A Witch's Room - Inktober 2017

    In the Woods - Inktober 2017

    Space - Inktober 2017

    Mae and Bea (Night in the Woods) - Inktober 2017

    The Spirit of Lonliness - Inktober 2017

    A Witch's Room, Colour

    Beauty and the Beast


    Bluebeard's Chamber


    Cellar Stairs

    City of Silverbough